Sustainable and eco-friendly wedding venue

We love Plas Dinam and as 5th generation owners we see ourselves as custodians of this amazing house and beautiful, unknown area of Wales. This historic country house has been nestled in the stunning Severn valley since 1873: we strive to minimise our impact on the environment to ensure that this welcoming home and beautiful scenery will be enjoyed for decades to come. We share in the excitement as you and your guests discover this hidden gem and fall for it too! The wild Cambrian mountains, ancient trees, flowers and abundant wildlife are waiting to be enjoyed.

Historic House

Plas Dinam is Grade II listed with  a huge roof and many windows, so it’s 38 rooms take some looking after. We reinvest a high percentage of income from weddings back into the maintenance of the house and grounds.  Any surplus income goes into improvements, upgrades and renovations. Allowing venue hire and events to take place at Plas Dinam is a way of maintaining and preserving a historic house of significance in Wales for future generations.

We keep the number of celebrations and weddings to a minimum so that we can build connections with our guests. We are not a large organisation concerned only with profit making and rules and regulations. We aim to be flexible and friendly to allow you to design your own wedding/weekend/stay as unique and magical as you would like.


Mid Wales is a beautiful part of the world and we believe strongly in investing in both the local economy and the local environment. The Davies family is responsible for around 4000 acres surrounding Plas Dinam, with an ethos of low intensity farming and encouraging and preserving wildness.

Plas Dinam’s wildflower meadow is over 40 years old, it gets better every year with 52 species of flowers and grasses, along with all the insects and butterflies that these attract. We have our own bees at Plas Dinam, including a thriving wild hive. The wildflowers and bee friendly garden flowers help produce wonderful honey. There’s a broad range of tree species and we actively plant new trees in the grounds, much of the 13 acres of grounds is deciduous woodland. Some are special species and others ancient! There are many bird species that nest in and around Plas Dinam, including the once threatened species, the Red Kite.

The view from the top of the hill
Our wild flower meadow

Eco-friendly and green weddings

Plas Dinam is heated via a biomass boiler which is fuelled by airdried woodchip harvested from the Dinam estate. The wood is collected from within a couple of miles from Plas Dinam and after drying for 2 seasons it is chipped into the store alongside the boiler. The woods are carefully managed and replanted. Thus this system is sustainable and carbon neutral.

We recycle and reuse to reduce our carbon footprint and use local, independent eco-friendly wedding suppliers wherever possible. We don’t believe in buying new products unnecessarily and prefer to reuse and repair whenever we can. We use eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products and skincare products. The majority of our contact with guests is conducted via email or phone and we aim to run a  paper free office. We provide luxury toiletries in the bathrooms a Plas Dinam but re-fill these from larger containers to prevent unnecessary wastage. Plas Dinam’s electricity supply is 100% renewable energy.

When hosting weddings at Plas Dinam we encourage our guests to use eco-friendly and sustainable options when planning and decorating for their big day and to reduce waste. Keeping everything as eco-friendly as possible at our wedding venue is super important to us.

Small, family business

At Plas Dinam, we are proud to be a small, family run business with Eldrydd and Tyson at the helm. We have a few dedicated, loyal and long-term staff from the local community who work tirelessly to ensure Plas Dinam is at its best and all guests are thrilled with their stay. Our 4 children all help too! Louise and Katie are in charge of weddings. They are totally organised and will help you plan your weekend and put it into action. Jennie is on the case of accounts and invoices. Duane is our fantastic head gardener and Kath, Katie, Vicky, Sandra, and Mary are our amazing housekeepers. Vicky is also our in house chef. We have Griff, Jas and Jess working tirelessly behind the bar, with friendly, happy faces! See more here.


Plas Dinam has a long tradition of music and we welcome and musicians with open arms! Gwendoline and Margaret Davies held music gatherings at Plas Dinam and Eldrydd’s grandparents were semi professional cellists. Her grandfather wrote a sonata for Her grandmother, Eldrydd, before he was killed in WWII. It is very moving music.

We were delighted that Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien chose Plas Dinam to record his solo album “Earth” by EOB. Here’s a video showing the making of it.